Bircham windmill
A selection of our cheeses
Homemade cheese at Bircham
Elly with one of our cheeses

Our Homemade Cheese

Our sheep Esme, Imogen, Amelia, Gloria and Custard come up the ramp into the mini parlour to be milked.

Their milk then goes off to the kitchens to be made into our Cheeses:

Norfolk Charm is a wensleydale-style recipe, matured for three months to develop its distinctive flavour and texture. A delightful addition to any cheese board.

Millers Fancy is a Feta-style recipe, milkier than shop bought Feta and much less salty, a creamy texture and moorish flavour. Delicious with olives and herbs.

Millstone Blue is a blue vein cheese creamy and mild, crumble on a salad or enjoy with a biscuit.

Visitors can see the milking any day of the week at 2pm.

The cheese is on sale in the bakery shop and tearooms; samples of all cheeses are available on request.

For more information, please contact us.

We won bronze for our 'Norfolk Charm' sheeps cheese at the 2010 Nantwich International Cheese Show!