Freshly baked bread at Bircham Windmill
Fresh bread
Ready to bake

Bakery & Bread

The bakery adjoining the mill still has its original, coal-fired oven for you to see. The bakery worked up until the 1950s, 30 years after the mill had stopped and many people used to walk to the mill to collect their bread.

We still bake in the original bakery and sell a wide range of bread and cakes.

We also sell the flour that we use for our baking, and other speciality flours.

Bread baking experience

Come and bake bread at Bircham Windmill. No need to book.

Make and BakeMake & Bake

You can choose the quick Make & Bake option where we give you a piece of dough and you create whatever you like with it using our cutters, rolling pins and bread tins, we then bake it off for you to take home. This costs £3.50 and is suitable for anyone and everyone aged 2 to 102.

It runs from 10am to 3pm.

Bake a loaf from scratch

Or you can bake a loaf from scratch. We provide all the ingredients and the inspiration and you can create your very own loaf. This costs £5.75.

It runs from 10am to 2pm.


Please note, neither of the above activities is staff supervised.