Bircham windmill
'The Full Circle' is available in the Gift Shop
A book on the history of Bircham Windmill called 'The Full Circle' is available in the Gift Shop
Windmill in 1846
Windmill in 1920
BBC Report
BBC Report

History & Repairs

The windmill was built in 1846 (as seen in the photo on the right) and worked until the 1920s when the sails were removed and the tower abandoned.

It was bought by the current owner in a very dilapidated state. Initially the two adjoining cottages were renovated. Then, because the mill was dangerous, with timber falling from the top, it was decided to put a new cap on and restoration began. The cap went up in 1979, followed by the sails in 1981.

The interior of the mill was also restored, with three floors being completely replaced and all the machinery and stones gathered from farm sales and other derelict mills.

The mill is now fully restored and in working order. Visitors can climb to the very top and go out on the fan deck. Click here for 'Climb the Mill Today'.

Read about the beam replacement in the EDP.

A pictorial history of the windmills' restoration can be seen in the stable room.

There is a memoirs book in which visitors who have memories of Bircham Mill in its heyday have contributed. (All contributions are welcomed to help keep the working history of Bircham Mill alive).

Contributors range from those who worked or lived in the mill and surrounding area to those with Bircham as their surname.